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Your Pets Health is #1

We are serious about your pet's health. We sanitize all equipment between each yard. Pet feces can carry viruses that can be harmful to your pet and family. We use an approved sanitizer to kill viruses and germs so cross-contamination does not occur.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who We Are

My wife, Eika, is a Colorado Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT). We met in 1997 as I, Steven Haas, was working for Hill’s Pet Nutrition (Science Diet). Together we have over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. In 2003, we opened Purrrfect Paws, LLC, Pet Grooming “Where Your Pet’s Health is #1,” now in Windsor, Colorado. We are animal lovers. Currently, we have a cadre of 3 kids, all furry faces. A German Shepard, Zeus, a standard poodle, Fraya, and Odin, the poodle mix.

Why FetchPoop?, LLC was created to continue our family business in helping pet owners enjoy their animals and not have to deal with the negatives. What is worse than picking up the waste?


Our Mission Statement

Take the Negative out of pet ownership.
It’s just that simple.